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Nonconscious vs Conscious Control


Michael S. Gazzaniga: Who's in Charge?

This is truly an amazing book based on spit brain patient studies that offers true evidenced-based research into the depth and importance of non-conscious process and impact on our global functioning. Don’t read this if you want to maintain astrict cognitive behavioral approach to your clinical work!  


Dean Buonomano: Brain Bugs

Similar theme regarding unconscious processing based on providing copious and fascinating examples that will amaze you and question your understanding of yourself, the world, and your clinical work. 


Timothy D. Wilson: Strangers to Ourselves

Similar to the above.


Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow

This is long and at times tedious but sprinkled with valuable insights you will get nowhere else. Nice, simple application of stats to clinical work that ALL clinicians need


Neuropsychology Texts


Blumenfeld, H. (2010) Neuroanatomy Through Clinical Cases, 2nd Edition. Sinauer Associates, Inc.

Challenging but the premier neuroanatomy and function text; you will know the brain after digesting this

Gould, D. & Brueckner, J. (2008) Sidman’s Neuroanatomy: A programmed Learning Tool. 2nd Edition. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins. 

Great tutorial on neuroanatomy

Rubin, M., & Safdieh, J. (2007) Netter's Concise Neuroanatomy. Saunder

Wonderfully illustrated neuroanatomy tutorial

Lezak, M., Howieson, D., Bigler, E., & Tranel, D. (2012). Neuropsychological Assessment (5th Edition). New York, NY: Oxford

Solid neuropsychology text with board coverage but minimal in the area of neuroanatomy

Stucky, Kirkwood & Donders: Clinical Neuropsychology Study Guide and Board Review

Dense and comprehensive yet refreshingly direct and digestible, you learn the breadth of neuropathology very quickly 

Strauss, E., Sherman, E., Spreen, O. (2006) A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests:  Administration, Norms, and Commentary. Oxford University Press

Overview of NP tests with norms

Paul Lebby: Brain Imaging: A Guide for Clinicians

The definitive text on reading and understanding brain imaging

Andrewes: Neuropsychology From Theory to Practice. Psychology Press 

Love this book for its focus on function

Parsons & Hammeke: Clinical Neuropsychology: A Pocket Handbook for Assessment Third Edition

Quick reference guide to neuropathology with suggested measures

Robert Mapou: Adult Learning Disabilities and ADHD

If you want to learn how to conduct disabilities assessments, especially for accommodations for testing, read this book. I have had 100% success rate for CA Bar, GRE, SAT, and other formal boards/testing since reading this book

Easy introduction


Regina Pally: The mind brain relationship

Old, very basic and with some inaccuracies but an excellent introduction to incorporating neuroscience to clinical practice


Bruce D. Perry, Maia Szalavitz: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories from a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook

You want to work with an adult, child, or anyone with a serious trauma history? Please read this book. Traumatizing and sad cases but an excellent read from a skilled, knowledgeable, and thoughtful clinician. Helpful insights, although old enough to be weak on neuroscience; read it with this in mind an your clinical work will greatly benefit!


Robert M. Sapolsky: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping 

Somewhat old but you really, really need to read this book if you want to understand your anxious or traumatized patient

General Neuroscience & Psychopathology


Cozolino, L. (2017). The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy: Healing The Social Brain (Third Addition). New York: W.W. Norton

Good overview of neuroscience applied to psychotherapy

Noggle & Dean: The Neuropsychology of Psychopathology

Decent integration of neuropsych and psychopathology, a little unnecessarily heavy on NP testing (which is often unnecessary if you understand brain functioning) but good grounding of psychological/psychiatric symptoms into underlying brain functions.

Koziol & Budding: Subcortical Structures and Cognition: Implications for Neuropsychological Assessment

In psychology (and neuropsychology) we tend to focus on the cortex and ignore subcortical processing. In fact, the latter plays a much more important role with the majority of our cognitive and emotional functioning. Technical but comprehensive and well organized.


Koziol, Budding & Chidekel: ADHD as a Model of Brain-Behavior Relationships

Emphasizes what we all need to understand, pathology and normal functioning are the result of brain networks not single areas


Koziol: The Myth of Executive Functioning

Reminds us that executive functioning is a complex construct not a “thing” or “area” of the brain.


Armony & Vuilleumier: The Cambridge Handbook of Human Affective Neuroscience

Comprehensive and thorough

Yana Suchy: Clinical Neuropsychology of Emotion

Comprehensive exploration of brain structures and networks underlying emotional processing. Highlight: underscores that empathy is associated with neuronal networks, most significantly involving the right prefrontal cortex and not simply “mirror neurons” which are associated with motor learning, not empathy!

Allan Shore: Affect Regulation and the Repair of the Self

Grounded in neuroscience and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic thought, all of his books offer valuable clinical insights. Schore tends to be repetitive so you may have to adjust your reading style

Allan Shore: Affect Dysregulation and Disorders of the Self 

Grounded in neuroscience and psychoanalytic/psychodynamic thought, all of his books offer valuable clinical information. Schore tends to be repetitive so you may have to adjust your reading style

Ruff & Chester: Effective Psychotherapy for Individuals with Brain Injury

Much needed text integrating an understanding of TBI and psychopathology toward helping our acquired brain injury clients

Web-based Neuroanatomy Resources

Brain Anatomy: Digital Anatomist Project


Neuroanatomy Tutorial: University of Utah

Neuroanatomy, University of British Columbia


Gray’s Anatomy: Neurology



Human Anatomy Atlas 2021

Recommended Journals


Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology. Oxford Journals


Neuropsychology. APA Journals


Journal of the International Neuropsychology Society. Cambridge Journals

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